Outdoor Rooms: Get Away From it All Without Leaving Your Home

Looking for a fun project to help revitalize your home’s backyard?

Consider building an outdoor room. The additional structure will provide space for your family and friends to gather outdoors—and it will increase your property’s appeal and value.

Tech Tips for Road Trips

In the old days, a paper map and a camera were seen as necessities for a long drive. Whether your goal is to beat traffic, boredom, or you original budget plans, there are several high-tech items to consider for your next outing. Today, there are tons of gadgets that can be powered by your car’s cigarette lighter, as well as apps and other ways to bring a bit of high-tech flare and convenience to the classic road trip.

Planning to pack up and hit the road this summer? Consider riding with one of our eight must-have devices.

Day Tripping

The unique combination of wetland, bayou, prairie, and forest ecosystems in the area around Houston, Texas have given rise to several protected wildlife and natural refuge areas. Beyond the close proximity several smaller towns offer crabbing, quaint eateries and an array of outdoor festivals. Grab your sunscreen, hat and wanderlust and hit the road for the perfect summer day trip.

Houston Maison May/June

Houston Maison May/June

In this issue we'll highlight many of the festivals, concerts, and happenings in Houston for the summer months, transforming your bathroom into a spa like sanctuary (simply), and how to enjoy an Airbnb in elevated style. All this and so much more.

Tropical Vacations

Tropical Vacations


You don’t have to fly to Fiji to experience the tropical vacation of your dreams. Sunny getaways are more affordable than ever in warm-weather locales like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands. Here are 3 tropical destinations that are a lot cheaper than you think.

You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with these beach destinations without sacrificing that island ambiance.

Cleaning the Air—7 Plants that Purify

Add these seven household plants that NASA scientists have discovered help remove formaldehyde and purify air to your home for a safer, cleaner atmosphere!

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are unusual things. We observe, critique, admire, and—even in some instances—view ourselves in ways which only we can see. From minimal to ornate, round to rectangular, antique to modern, and everything in between, there are possibilities abound to help you see yourself in style.

Spotlight on Downtown

It always seems that downtown is the mecca for any city, and Houston is no different. With a rich nightlife, major sporting events, and chic restaurants, the downtown scene is vibrant and eclectic in the Bayou City. Home to the city’s most prominent politicians and executive juggernauts, pro-athletes and professionals alike, Downtown Houston is practically bursting at the seams with dining, cultural, and outdoor options. Even if you don’t fit into any of those categories, there’s still plenty to love about this neighborhood.

8 Ways to Get Old House Charm

Vintage homes earn their appeal over centuries. Don’t have 100 years to spare? These modern versions of period details give the same look without the wait (or the cost).

Electronics Overload—What To Do With Old Electronics

Perhaps you upgraded this year to some newer and better electronics these year. Well done! But now, you are staring at that island of misfit gadgets in your home. You know, like that cell phone that dates back to the flip era, a laptop that requires regular biceps curls to lug from room to room, or that once cutting edge, three-megapixel digital camera.

Replacing Plumbing Pipes: Costs and Options

Replacing Plumbing Pipes: Costs and Options

After Houston's ice-pocalypse hit the city hard, so many of my Timbergrove neighbors were talking about freezing - and bursting - pipes. Yikes! We were thankful that our PEX lines held up to the chilly temps and the extra insulation added in the attic kept conditions stable.