Look On the Bright Side—Decorating with Bold Colors, Oversized Art, Wallpaper, and Accent Pieces

If attempting a bold color, pattern or art piece for you wall consider a few pointers.

First, color theory is really a science—there are many different looks or tones a color can create. For example, some colors are very soft; think pastels, colors that are mixed with tons of white paint to get a lighter, softer color. Some colors are dark, rich jewel tones and other are bright, juvenile primary colors. If choosing an art piece for an entry way, think of the items that will compliment it—contrasting lamps, table top displays or monochromatic flower arrangements.

via Deanna Hebert

via Deanna Hebert

Inexpensive Mid-Range Art Options ($125-$3,000)

Deann Hebert is a former corporate executive who traded in her high heels for a paint brush and the opportunity to fulfill her dream of being an artist. Deann paints the rich history of the South with farm images and barn yard animals, angels and flowers. Rich textured paintings of multi layers, reminiscent of tree bark or peeling barn paint. Much of her inspiration comes from her ancestors and much comes from her work space—an old mattress factory just outside Nashville Tennessee where the light is beautiful and the exposed wooden wall beams harkens back to another era of simplicity.

wall art 2.jpg

Mid-Range Art Options ($5000-$50,000)

Ashley Longshore is known for her distinct personality and funky style. In her New Orleans studio, you’ll find large art pieces inspired by fashion, pop culture with a touch of vulgarity. Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, and Hermès make regular appearances in the painter’s work. She is a riot on Instagram as well and posts some of the funniest videos around of herself and other finds.

via Gugger Petter

via Gugger Petter

High End Art Options ($50,000+)

Gugger Petter has been creating works of two and three-dimensional art from ordinary newspaper for decades. She applies lacquers to preserve these otherwise fragile works of art and select different sections to achieve the colors and blacks and whites for each area. She also sometimes paints the newspaper but often leaves them as they are. Her subjects are generally as typical and everyday as her materials—simple portraits of daily life and sometimes highly recognizable folks as well.


Wild Walls

Second, if attempting to go the wallpaper route know that those traditional English tea garden styles or funky 70’s styles have come a long way. Wallpaper now is modern and fresh. Try a powder or ceiling first if you are unsure. Powder rooms are typically small and are a great pplace to experiment with a bold color or pattern. Avoid painting or papering a powder room green—it can cast a sickly green tone into the mirror and you(or your guests) will always have an “off” look.

wall art 4.jpg

Pops of Color

Third, for those not quite as adventurous with bold color, you don’t have to paint an entire room or purchase that large art piece. Bring in one boldly colored accessory, fabric, rug, or furniture piece. It’s often an easier way to incorporate bold color without going over the top.

If you are not sure about your color courage start small and then as you get your color groove on gradually you can become more daring—more of a color risk taker. Take a chance—it is a science, but it is not rocket science.