Outdoor Rooms: Get Away From it All Without Leaving Your Home

Looking for a fun project to help revitalize your home’s backyard?

Consider building an outdoor room. The additional structure will provide space for your family and friends to gather outdoors—and it will increase your property’s appeal and value.
To create a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space use outdoor rugs, ottomans, side tables, layered blankets, and throw pillows. “The backyard/porch has truly become an extension of your indoor space,” says Melissa Simon, Public Relations Manager at Pier 1 Imports. “One of our new favorite trends this season is decorating with furniture and décor that looks like it was created for the indoors.”
Of course with any home project you can spend big bucks or do it on a dime, well not an actual dine, but maybe under $50 and that’s pretty darn good! The basic elements of an outdoor room will remain the same no matter your budget.

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Starting From the Ground Up

You’ll want to create a floor to your outdoor room. Whether that is utilizing an actual outdoor rug, a faux painted rug, or other materials such as pavers or stones. Defining the living space in an outdoor area will denote the gathering spot and help to anchor furniture.

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Easy Lounging

With the end goal of the outdoor space extending indoor area, the furniture you choose will play an important part of this concept. Incorporate styles, textures, and pieces that illuminate your overall décor. Sun-proof fabric which will not fade (or fade much slower), water proof and coverings that are easy to clean are ideal. Select furniture pieces that work double duty—coffee tables that can raise to becoming dining tables, ottomans that can be used for both side tables and sitting also work well in an outdoor space. Large hanging chairs and beds are ideal for reading, lounging, or snuggling with a four-legged friend on a cool night. Go for coastal hues in blues and beige or go the Bohemian route with eclectic combinations of patterns and styles. The possibilities are endless!

Layering The Luxury

Throw blankets, cozy pillows, and even mirrors will accessorize the space.

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Light the Way

Hanging lanterns and string lights provide ambience and practicality. Pier 1 Imports, World Market, as well as your local higher end hardware stores provide inexpensive options. Keep in mind whether or not your outdoor room is covered and also the climate that you in. If you do not have nearby electrical set-up, an LED solar powered option is a good choice to look into.

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High End Extravagance

Alfresco dining is great, but cooking outside is even better. Outdoor kitchens are part of the higher end design, but when paired with a pool (let’s dream big here) will set your summer days in motion for continual outdoor living.

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Best Outdoor Kitchens

When the sun goes down a fire roaring hearth will be the natural gathering place. A freestanding chimney permits summer parties way past Labor Day, or go for a fire-pit. With so many options such as gas fire pit tables, wood burning fire-pits, fire bowls and columns, you can design a space to fit your style and budget. Woodland direct is a good place to start, even if only for window shopping to get ideas.

With a little planning, you can turn that empty, under-used backyard space into an outdoor oasis that you’ll be using all season long!