Find the Perfect Rental Home

Finding the ideal place to rent can be a real challenge in today's  real estate market in Houston.  Even if you're "just renting," you'll find the best landlord's can be the choosiest.  With a great Realtor® acting as your advocate, you can find the right home more quickly and increase your odds of submitting a winning application.  As your representative, I'll not only make sure you are prepared for today's rental market, but that you understand the lease documents and get a fair deal.

To get started, let's define the parameters for YOUR made-to-order new home.  Once I know what you're looking for, I will scour currently available listings for the right match. 

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What part of town do you want to live in? You can specify a neighborhood (i.e. Briar Village), a general area of town (i.e. Greater Heights, inner-loop, EaDo), specific boundaries (i.e. east of Kirby, west of Montrose, north of 59 and south of W Grey), zoned to specific schools (i.e. Oak Forest Elementary or Travis Elementary only) or event maximum commute times (i.e. 35 minute drive to 2305 Main St arriving at 8:30 AM on weekdays)
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If so, when is your lease up?
If so, when is your lease up?
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What's your ideal move in date for your new home?
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What kinds of parking are acceptable to you?
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How's your credit? *
Credit is a consideration in tenant selection for nearly all landlords. If yours is less than stellar we may need to add context.
Have you ever been evicted? *
Like credit, past evictions can be red-flags for landlords. If there were extenuating circumstances for a past eviction, let's talk about it.
Any must have features, things to avoid, or details you want to elaborate on? The more specific the better? This is where you might mention things like a fenced yard for Fido, the essential garden tub or the dire desire for carpet in the bedroom.