A Buyer’s Guide To Gutters And Downspouts

via Aerotech Gutter Service

Your gutters and downspouts are the first line of defense your home has from water damage. However, even experienced homeowners can take them for granted. That’s a dangerous game to play, because having gutters that aren’t right for the home or neglecting them can spell disaster for the home down the road. It’s important for anyone who owns a home or is thinking about buying a home to understand all the types of gutters and downspouts, as well as how much maintenance they can expect to give them over the course of their lives. Knowing what type of gutters a home has is an important factor in determining how much attention they require, which can mean the difference between protecting your home and allowing it to succumb to water damage.

During a mild 1-inch rainfall, the average downspout can direct as many as 12 gallons of water away from a home. Without gutters and downspouts that function as effectively as intended, that water could end up pooled at the base of the house, where it can seep into tiny cracks and spaces in the foundation. That can lead to serious damage in the winter when it freezes and expands. Water that gets in underneath siding can damage timbers and encourage mold and mildew growth. Having gutters and downspouts that are properly cared for can help prevent much of the water damage that can vex homeowners.

Of course, homeowners should consider having trained professionals clean and inspect their gutters on a regular basis, but it’s also important for them to know how the gutters they choose for their homes will stand up to the rigors of protecting them. The shape and materials of gutters and downspouts have their advantages and disadvantages, impacting how often they need to be serviced or replaced. For example, although vinyl gutters are easy to install, they don’t stand up to extreme cold and the sun very well. Plus, their flimsier construction makes them unable to hold as much as other types of gutters.

There’s a lot riding on your home’s gutters, so knowing the differences between the types of gutters and downspouts is important for homeowners. The following infographic tells you all you need to know about gutters and downspouts, so review it before making any decisions about your home’s next gutters.

Author bio: Richard Watkins, Founder of Aerotech Gutter Service, has been a contractor and home remodeler for over 50 years. He’s completed many home remodeling jobs over the years and has seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with your home.