Houston Maison | January/February 2017

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The new year is underway and folks have made plans for what they want to accomplish in 2017.  Some reaching for the stars and setting their sights on achieving those long-term goals and some are a little closer to home. Say, for example, finally organizing and recycling those old electronics gadgets.  You know, the Blackberry stuffed into a drawer, the first ever released i-phone (from 10 years ago) with the cracked screen that you never had time to recycle.  In our latest issue of we give you tips, tricks, and resources to purge that electronic overload.  But it's not all about organizing, we also dive into that long-awaited tropical vacation - on a dime, and reveal how you can incorporate the Pantone's Color of the Year into your home decor.  Of course, we touch on the romance of Valentine's and share with you some of our cities most romantic eateries.  

And as always, you'll find current market stats. Buyers or sellers let's get a game plan ready for a new year!  Now is the time to start dreaming, planning and implementing.  But first...... that electronics drawer.

Happy New Year!!!