Rice Military/Washington Corridor

Houston's Rice Military area, also known as Washington Corridor, stretches from Memorial north to I10 between Washington Ave/Westcott St on the West and Sawyer/Taylor on the East.

The Rice Military/Washington Corridor area of Houston is marked by its incredible convenience to a multitude of establishments.  Bordered by I-10 on the north and  Memorial Drive on the south, Rice Military stretches from Washington Ave/Westcott St on the west to Shepherd on the east. East of Shepherd, stretching to Sawyer Street, lies the Washington Ave corridor.  Together, this stretch of Houston offers extensive dining, nightlife and shopping options in a highly walkable neighborhood.  And with easy access to both Memorial Park and downtown Houston, Rice Military/Washington Corridor offers residents the convince of a quick commute and world-class park system in just a few short minutes.  

The two most prominent civic clubs in this area are the Rice Military Civic Club and Magnolia Grove Civic Association.  Rice Military is comprised of the western most part of this region: Washington Ave/Westcott St to Shepherd. Magnolia Grove picks up the next section from Shepherd to Waugh Dr, south of Washington Ave. 

Many people wonder about the origins of the name "Rice Military." It's one with deep Houston roots referencing a favorite Houston founding father, William M Rice (think Rice University namesake) and nearby Camp Logan, a World War I-ear US Army training camp later replaced by Memorial Park.

Real Estate In Washington Corridor/Rice Military Area

In total, the Rice Military/Washington Corridor area is comprised of more than ___ residential properties. More than ___ percent of these homes have been constructed in the past 15 years, an obvious sign of revitalization in the area.  

Rice Military/Washington Corridor has shown steady year-over-year increases in average price for residential real estate. 

Historically, this region has had reliable year-over-year increases in real estate prices. Looking at residential sales from the past fifteen years, steady but modest annual returns are the norm. And while recent years in Houston real estate have been booming (Rice Military saw a 12% increase in average home prices in 2014 from the year before) it's perhaps more exceptional that this area did not have the typical downturn in prices during the recent 2007 - 2010 recession. Though they recovered quickly and completely, most Houston neighborhoods did see lowering prices during this time. 

2014 Sales Analysis reveals continued new construction in the Rice Military/Washington Corridor region of Houston. The majority of sales last year ranged from $300,000 - $500,000. 

Click to download the Rice Military/Washington Corridor Market Activity Report

Click to download the Rice Military/Washington Corridor Market Activity Report

A sales analysis of 2014 real estate activity reveals that approximately a third of homes solid in the Rice Military/Washington Corridor region were new construction. And, while prices reach into the $1 million plus range, most homes are less than $600,000 with a large selection of sales in the $400,000 - $500,000 range.  

To learn more about current real estate offerings, download the Rice Military/Washington Corridor Market Activity Report at right or: 

Living in Rice Military/Washington Corridor

Rice Military + Washington Corridor

As previously noted, the Rice Military/Washington Corridor region of Houston is one of the city's most walkable neighborhoods.  With a robust selection of dining and nightlife, it's easy to see what attracts both young professionals and empty nesters to the area. To learn more about some of the best dining, entertainment and shopping options in Rice Military/Washington Corridor, check out my guide to the right or download a printable version.

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