Oak Forest East Area

Houston's Oak Forest area is divided into east and west regions. The Oak Forest East area is shown on this map. Click to enlarge.

Oak Forest was established in 1947 by Oak Forest Realty Corporation, owned by Frank Sharp, a developer who would later establish Sharpstown. Oak Forest Realty Corporation built houses only in Section 1 (Golf Dr to Oak Forest Dr, and Du Barry Ln to W 43rd St). Sharp would later develop the neighborhood for 17 additional sections by building streets and installing utility lines, but left the home construction to other contractors.  As you might expect, the majority of the original Oak Forest area construction is dominated by traditional ranch style homes.

The third largest neighborhood in the Greater Houston area (after Sharpstown and Kingwood), Oak Forest is now a term used to describe not just the original 18 sections of the development, but a community of adjacent subdivisions. For Houston real estate purposes, Oak Forest is divided into East and West areas with the majority of the Oak Forest sections in Oak Forest West.  

Oak Forest East Area is comprised of 15 of the 18 Oak Forest sections and several adjacent subdivisions as shown on this map. Click to enlarge.

In addition to 15 of the 18 Oak Forest sections, the Oak Forest East Area includes several smaller subdivisions and the generous Shepherd Forest community.  

Real Estate in Oak Forest East Area

Oak Forest East Price Trends by Year show the nearly 30% increase from the prior two years slowed to half that amount in 2014.  Click to enlarge the graph.

Oak Forest East has gained popularity in recent years.  Thanks to it's near-loop location, it provides easy access to in-town amenities and quick travel to northern suburbs including the Woodlands.  Generously sized lots and deed restrictions that are not too onerous make certain portions of Oak Forest East appealing to developers.  New construction is common in this region and many buyers purchase homes for up to $500,000 only to tear down the existing structures to make way for $1 million plus houses. 

However, as noted in the 2014 Sales Analysis below, the majority of Oak Forest East homes are still under $450,000.  In fact, only three homes sold for more than $1 million last year.  

In 2014, nearly one-third of homes sold in Oak Forest East area were new construction. However, the majority of properties that closed in the neighborhood were still affordable by inner- and near-loop standards at less than $450,000.  Click to enlarge the Oak Forest East 2014 Sales Analysis.

To learn more about Oak Forest East area real estate download the most recent market report at right or:

Click to download an Oak Forest Market Activity Report

Click to download an Oak Forest Market Activity Report


Living in Oak Forest

Oak Forest East Area Neighborhood Gudie

Oak Forest has a very active homeowners association.  In recent years they have added private security patrols to the neighborhood supported by private and corporate donations. Currently they are actively involved in feedback on proposed high speed train paths between Dallas and Houston. (One option transverses the Oak Forest area.)  Neighbors have dialog through an active Facebook group.

Other area neighborhood associations include:

Oak Forest is also home to a growing group of entertainment and dining amenities and some long-standing shopping favorites.  To learn more about where Oak Forest and other nearby residents hang out, check out my guide to the right or download a printable version.



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